4-Digit 7-Segment LED Display Module (TM1637)


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These nifty LED display modules come in 5 colors and include 4 0.56" 7-segment displays driven by a TM1637. Mine comes with LEDs for each decimal position as well as a double-dots time separator, so it can be used for many types of numeric displays. The silkscreen on the back recommends using the TM1637.h Arduino library by Frankie Chu at Seeed Studio. Having witnessed the mess of wires required to drive multiple 7-segment displays I greatly appreciate this 4-pin module. Seeed Studio provides a schematic for their model. Wiring is straightforward.

CLK - Any Digital Pin
DIO - Any Digital Pin
5V - 5V

There are several TM1637 libraries available. Avishay Orpaz’s TM1637 is easily installed in the Arduino IDE via Tools > Manage Libraries… Display can be cleared with display.clear() This library might be a good choice if you need custom control over each segment of each digit.

After looking around a bit I decided TM1637.h would best fit my needs. The TM1637.h library is available through Manage Libraries in the Arduino IDE, however, that version is out of date and is missing important functions. You will need to grab the most recent version of the library from github. tehniq3’s modified TM1637 library includes support for a degree symbol, r, h, and n, which I found useful for weather data displays.