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Last modified on 12/18/20

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General Resources

Phone Privacy (Android)

F-Droid is a FOSS alternative to the Google Play Store. Yalp Store allows you to download APKs from the Google Play Store without linking a Google account to your phone.

NewPipe is a YouTube frontend that does not require a Google account.

Maps is an offline OpenStreetMaps app.

The ProtonMail app is currently available on the Google Play store, so you can get it using Yalp.

Online Search Alternatives

Videos - YouTube frontend (shoutout to geneticabhorrence)

Privacy Email

The privacy issues with Gmail, Yahoo!, etc. are well documented. If you were an early adopter, you may have a primary email account you’ve used for decades. You may wish to maintain this account while shifting certain types of accounts to another, more secure email address.

Email Management

Services like 33mail allow you to create unlimited disposable email addresses that forward to your main address and filter them as needed. Services like Blur allow you to mask your email address.

Manage Multiple Email Addresses with an Email Client

Account Management

Enable 2-Factor Auth or Multi-Factor Auth on important accounts

2FA adds a layer of security to your accounts, however, SMS implementation (text messages sent to your phone) are vulnerable to SIM-swapping. 2FA through an authenticator app or a physical key, like Yubikey, is more secure.

Password Managers

Password managers store or generate unique, strong passwords for accounts. Passwords should be a minimum of 12 characters and should be as unpredictable or complex as possible.

Account Disposal

Regularly purge profile information and delete unused accounts. If you cannot delete information, change it. If you cannot delete the account, assign it to a disposable email address and send it into the great void. Before you sign up, check to see how difficult it will be to close the account.

Opting-Out of Data Collection/Sharing

Opt-out Lists

Opting out of Whitepages

Do not sign up for a Whitepages account to manage your information. Once you have given them your email address you cannot remove it or delete your account. You do not need an account to opt-out. Go to whitepages and look up your name. Locate your entry and copy the link, which is something like this:

https://www whitepages dot com/name/Debby-Dont/Las-Vegas-NV/390jsldfkj

Go to this link:

You will have to provide a phone number to verify. Use a disposable number. A robot texts you within a few seconds, and keying in a confirmation code confirms deletion of your information.

Opting Out of Other Data-Collection Sites

You can usually find information about opting out on the site’s Privacy Policy page. As mentioned above, some of these sites require a phone number to opt-out. Only provide disposable numbers. I have not used SMSreceivefree yet, I include the link for future reference.

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