Athena 2000 Touch Tronic Sewing Machine


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When I dug my old Athena 2000 out of storage I immediately discovered some issues. I could straight-stitch just fine, but could not adjust width or length for embroidery patterns. (Since, I’ve begun to have issues with standard machine stitching as well.) I could not find my manual, and while I was looking up information online I discovered the Athena 2000 was released in 1975 and was the first electronic sewing machine. I think I knew this before, but had forgotten it. These were top-of-the-line machines in their day and they have a reputation for being reliable, I think the only issue I ever had with it was finding replacement bobbins about 10 years ago. Nevertheless, it is a 40-year-old model, so if serious repairs are needed replacement parts may be difficult to source.

I’m not sure who this machine originally belonged to. I distinctly remember my grandmother having an old black Singer. I have memories of the local Sears sewing machine section where they would show off all the electric sewing machines. I was fascinated by it as a kid and thought the electronic sewing machines were incredibly cool. If I recall correctly they later replaced that section with personal computers.

The best copy of the manual I could find is here. The manual shows basic operation, including how to wind and load the bobbins.

Terry Fielding has a helpful repair page detailing how to get the machine open and troubleshooting basic issues.

This page is a placeholder for if I ever get around to repairing or further investigating this machine. It’s not a priority so I’m not sure when, or if, I will get around to it.