IndieAuth and Webmentions on Neocities


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I’ve been meaning to look into webmentions for a while now. I set up a protonmail account and linked it to the site so I could use IndieLogin. I included a hidden link to the email on my homepage.

<link href="" rel="me">

Receiving webmentions

From there, I can now use my site to sign in at I add the following link references to pages that I want to accept webmentions for:

<link rel="webmention" href="" />
<link rel="pingback" href="" />

I haven’t decided how to handle webmentions yet. For a static site, you can use Javascript to dynamically list the mentions. Otherwise you can build the information into the generator and generate new pages. I anticipate a very low volume of webmentions, if any, so I’ll probably just address those on a case-by-case basis.

Sending webmentions

Max Böck has a helpful article on webmention implemenation for static sites and he suggests using to send them.