Card Capture on Android


Last modified on 10/30/20

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Next up, Lucas Gentry’s fast and elegant deckbuilder Card Capture. I thought this would be another fun app experiment because even though it’s a very basic traditional deckbuilder the board state is a bit more complicated than my last app. I also thought this game might be a little more fun to play as an app rather than dealing out cards.


I had some trouble with the logic for the main screen and decided I needed to pack it all into functions rather than trying to handle it at the screen level.

Basically, the action determines which cards can be legally selected, which in turn determines which enemy card is selected, and the player confirms before the game runs the action. This is just so cards don’t “just disappear” and the player can actually see what a legal move is. Since the player has to confirm the action before it is done, there is no need for an undo button.

At this point there is one edge case. Jokers are identical objects as they both have the same suit and a value of 0, and there are 2, so if you have 2 jokers in hand the game will do… something. I haven’t tested, but if you click on a second joker it should deselect, so you will never be able to select more than 1. This is actually PROBABLY okay for now, as it is a move but not one that happens often. With the current code the easiest implementation would be to add a second joker suit.

Capture/be captured is a little too close linguistically so I changed it to attack/surrender.

Now what? Well, I thought this might be an interesting game to “skin” by providing enemy/player suits. I’m not quite sold on the layout and gameflow, but it is what it is. It works and as far as I can tell you cannot break it.



Yeah that joker thing caught up with me in a hurry. No problem, I just created an identical Joker2 and labelled it “Wild” which seemed more obvious. I guess because it’s close to Halloween I was in a spooky sort of mood, so I did a (light) Halloween theme. I was going to actually use unique monster suits but I couldn’t find icons I liked in 2 seconds and I don’t want to spend too much more time on this particular game.


I now have a cute, working version of this game. I might eventually implement a scoreboard but I don’t think I need to spend any more time on this one, I can see myself playing it off and on but not as often as the Bogey.

ATM this one has very few assets, 96kb which compressed down to 32kb.

I forgot to take in progress screenshots so you get to skip my ugly prototype stage entirely and go right to the cute Halloween themed final version.

TODO: brief help/rules page, even though most of the game is explained in the action tooltip TODO: minor adjustment to joker/wild cards to make them display better TODO: correct joker selection/deselection glitch caused by joker not having a value


I evently forgot to screencap my progress, so here’s the final version:

card capture final version