Scoundrel on Android


Last modified on 10/30/20

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The next game I wanted to try is Scoundrel by Zach Gage and Kurt Bieg, a roguelike with an interesting weapon-binding mechanic that has inspired quite a few card games.

This game is mechanically simpler than the other games and I whipped up a prototype in a very short time. This game was so straightforward to code I originally though it would be fun to go a little extra on the icons and have a different weapon and monster for each card value, but I ended up going with a very minimalist style and color scheme that I think reflects the simple elegance of the design. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Notes are short because this was an easy one, I don’t think I had to chase a single bug.


todo: need to implement bonus if final card is a potion - trying to think of elegant solution todo: complimentary button backgrounds and frames


Scoundrel final verison