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07/16/21: Flab

#health #site-design

I still haven't managed to stop biting my fingernails. The popper is under a stack of papers and a tablet.

I decided I needed a six-pack, which requires excavating approximately 4 (???) pounds of subcutaneous fat on my midsection. I started running more often and doing 10-minute core toning series and stopped grazing (e.g. eating spoonfuls of peanut butter out of the jar). Because that will totally do it? I'm sure it will.

It definitely will.

I decided I want to do cocaine for my next birthday. Never done it before. Not sure where to get the cocaine. Might need to fly to Vegas.

Reading How the Blog Broke the Web. This dovetails with my recent decision to think about simplifying my own web design.

07/12/21: Fingernail Biting


How do you stop biting your fingernails? Inquiring minds want to know.

I've always been something of a fingernail biter but the past few years it has gotten really bad and my hands are a disaster. I searched and learned a lot of people have trouble stopping, and there are tips like wearing polish and so on. I made a previous attempt to start manicuring my hands and quit after like a day. Some people suggest slowly making fingers off limits (e.g. I'll never bite my right index finger, and when you finally stop, add another finger, and so on). Others suggest replacing the complusion with something else, like snapping fingers.

I bought a popper a while back, and that was supposed to be my substitute nervous thing since the vast majority of nail chewing seems to occur when I'm writing at my computer. We'll see if substitution just magically works.

07/12/21: Fingernail Biting Part 2


Wow I can't stop!!! this is amazing!!!

07/11/21: Single Page Blogging


I was thinking about why I never update my site anymore, and a big part of the problem is the static generated site still feels like way too much stuff. It's enough of a hassle to generate the site and upload it, and things break (I've been putting off fixing some Hugo template errors for 7 months now...). As much as I like markdown, I feel like I'm always having to test and work-around formatting issues that I could more easily resolve if I just used html tags in the first place.

I have a few blogs on other sites that I post to regularly, using the LJ clones when I need tagging and some of the others when I don't. I post there because I just type and post and that's it. The barrier to blogging isn't writing the post, it's delivering the post to the Internet.

The absolute easiest thing to update is a single html page. So why not use a single page for an entire blog? It eliminates the need for pagination, tags can be designated in some way where the user can use Ctrl+F in browser to find them.

I searched around for examples of single-page blogs and discovered John Doe, which uses CSS and anchor links to achieve this. Other ideas would be the single-file game engine Twine or something like TiddlyWiki.

What do we really need in a blog? If you Ctrl+F, you can find #tags. Your browser will also tell you how many posts have that tag via match count. There's no need to keep a list of titles and anchorlinks if you're tagging. Dates are purely informational. If I keep a masterlist of tags at the top of the page, and I always update the blog in reverse chronological order, I will always have the list of tags right in front of me.