Neonauticon Design Philosophies

Design thoughts are scattered all over the iceberg across many microblog posts, and are ever-evolving, so the Grand Unifying Theory shall be preservered here.

CTRL+F #Tag Philosophy

CTRL+F #tag philosophy means utilizing a #tag format that can be searched using the browser's native search (Ctrl+F) feature. This replaces the standard common in static generated sites of using hyperlink tags that lead to tag pages and category pages, which add clicks/pages and require maintenance.

One Page, One Post

Every blog post is a unique page with its own url. This dovetails with One Page Many Links

Iceberg Site

Iceberg sites have the most interesting pages front-facing with exposed links, but there is a lot of content beneath the surface that is only discovered when the site is explored. Basically, the more interested the surfer is in the site, they more they will explore. Casual visitors will explore the front-facing links and move on. This is an Iceberg site.

Build Upward, Never Delete

...Never ever? Avoid deleting pages to prevent linkrot. Change pages that are no longer relevant or allow them to sink below the iceberg. Use redirects to avoid duplicate content if necessary. Accept lack of url uniformity may occur with change and growth. Build atop the ruins, modifying front-facing pages as needed to hide the embarassments of the past. 404 means death, my beloved.

Decentralize Yourself

Use the right tool for the job. Explore unitasker sites, niche communities, and other platforms outside That One Big Site. Get into small communities that cater to specific interests. Sometimes it's useful to link pseudonyms across platforms and sometimes it's useful to keep them isolated, but the wider your footprint the more options you have.