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A curated directory of Freeware Excellence as well as Developer Excellence, with a linkdump at the bottom.

Game Recommendations

Game Screenshot Genre Status Summary
CHO REN SHA 68K by Koichi Yoshida screenshot Shmup Complete A classic and one of my favorite doujin shmups.
x.x. Game Room
x.x gameroom banner
screenshot Shmup Complete A collection of doujin shmups in the vein of CAVE and Touhou. Blue Wish Ressurection Plus may be the best known.
Genetos by Tatsuya Koyama screenshot Shmup Complete An evolutionary shooter that follows the history of the genre's development.
Kaikan by Zakichi
English mirror
zakichi's banner
screenshot Shmup Complete A really fun doijn hyper-shmup.
Patty and Mr. Miles by BrownSugar
English Translation by cargodin
screenshot Wolf RPG Editor Unfinished / Reborn A cute fantasy adventure game that transforms into a dark, meta masterpiece in the After Game. This game is amazing. English mirror
Yume Nikki by KIKIYAMA
screenshot RPG Maker ???? Surrealist adventure dream game, has led to a legion of fangames. My favorite is Yume 2kki
Doki Doki Literature Club by Team Salvato screenshot Visual Novel Complete A seemingly typical, slice-of-life high school VN goes full dark and meta. Not for everyone, but I loved it.
Cinderella Phenomenon by Dicesuki screenshot Visual Novel Complete A well-made fantasy romance visual novel with 5 routes. Great intro to the genre (otome), and one of the better English otomes I've played.
Iji by Daniel Remar screenshot Adventure Complete You know modern games always claim that "choices matter?"" Well in Iji they do actually matter. A sci-fi adventure game well before it's time.
Hierofanía and Hierofanía 2 by ludeshka screenshot Visual Novel Finished Fantasy English-language visual novels with solid writing and evocative art style
Mad Father by Sen
English translation by vgperson
sen's site banner
screenshot Wolf RPG Editor Complete Good old-fashioned Wolf RPG horror the way God intended. Dark and creepy, with a deluxe paid version on Steam and Playism.
Dreaming Mary by accha and trass screenshot RPG Maker Complete More than just pink.
Wayward Free by Unlok (Drathy) screenshot Roguelike Ongoing Survival roguelike, paid version on Steam.
Brogue by Brian Walker screenshot Roguelike Status A classic roguelike with beautiful ASCII effects, one of my favorites.
OFF by Mortis Ghost
English translation by Reconstructed Dragon
screenshot RPG Maker Complete A classic French indie RPG that is mechanically pure, which I don't like since I'm not a fan of JRPG mechanics, but it has a compelling story with an excellent soundtrack and a cool style, which I love.


Developer Genre Summary
ABA Games / Kenta Cho Shmups Prolific shmup developer, including such titles as rRootage and PARSEC47
Anna Anthropy Interactive fiction, story-based game witch
brog / Michael Brough Roguelike / broughlike / glitch 868-Hack, Corrypt, Imbrloglio, and many more
the catamites Bizarro Maker of surreal and strange indies. Possibly best known for Space Funeral, the bizarro RPG Maker game.
ebihime Visual Novels Prolific visual novel developer with many freeware and commercial games involving romance, yuri, and BxG.
Kitty Horrorshow Adventure Horror Creator of haunted cities
Locomalito Shmups, Action Creator of many retro modern classics, several of which now have commercial versions, such as Super Hydorah.
Porpentine Story Daughter of Slime, Queen of Twine. Developer of many twinegames and stories, as well as others.
Emily Short Interactive fiction, story-based games IF writer and editor who also discusses design and theory
vgperson RPGs Prolific Japanese translator, developer, and Princess of Vocaloid, has translated many excellent RPG horror games.

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I have a tendency to research a genre, collect links, then lose the links and have to start over, so I’m dumping them all here. At the moment I am primarily interested in ASCII roguelikes, Mother-style RPGs, and surreal games.





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