Et Tu, Kivy?


Tags Linux

I have already lamented that my use of Windows has presented numerous challenges when it comes to basic programming tasks. Clearly my lamentations will never come to an end.

Case in point: building a Kivy app. When attempting to install Python-for-Android the Windows user will be told the sh package is not supported on Windows and you should use pbs instead. However, p4a is dependent on sh 1.11. Further research concludes Kivy Android apps cannot be built in Windows at all.

The next step would be a virtual machine. I was going to set one up eventually anyway, but I’m kind of annoyed about the whole situation. I’m less annoyed than I would be, because the Bard called me downstairs for an impromptu sfx recording session and we spent 30 minutes pitch-modulating our voices and laughing our asses off.