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Working with Phaser rekindled my interest in an exploratory platformer I was working on in Godot. I have two main ongoing game projects, and one is a surreal exploratory platformer in the spirit of Yume Nikki with a bunch of choice mechanic stuff woven in. I liked working with Godot. I knew I shouldn’t start a huge project with a new engine but I wasn’t interested in making a random platformer for the sake of learning, so I picked a small section that I could make into an alpha (5 maps). Since I was learning as I went, the guts are kind of a mess. Godot uses a Python-like language, so overall it was easier to figure things out, whereas with Phaser I am still sorting out Javascript language differences and things like scope.

One issue with Godot, at the time, was limitations with tilemaps and integrating Tiled. I am pretty dead-set on Tiled implementation these days. It took a while to get pixel-perfect scaling set up and I seem to recall being unable to import a collision layer with the plugin that was available. Since then, vnen has made a Tiled importer plugin that allows importing one collision layer per map. My maps actually had two, because I overlaid indoor/outdoor maps (so each was at least 4 layers), but it would be worth reconsidering how those maps are built.

So, the importance of devlogs is this: 8 months might as well be eternity. That game was the first one I actually kept programmer’s notes, and I was fairly diligent about documenting the process, so I should be able to read through all that and review what the current engine development looks like see where I’m at.