Your Loving Garbage Child


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I forgot my father’s birthday. Which is to say, I know full well what day it is, and had been reminding myself to call him for days, and had it marked on my calendar and had an alert in my phone for two days prior, and we’re having a joint party for him and the kiddo this weekend, but for some reason on the Day Of the date didn’t mentally register until it passed and I didn’t call him.

Aside from being a Typical Garbage Child, the thing that pisses me off about it is I feel like this happens all the time. I write stuff down, I use the calendar in my phone, but then I forget to check the calendar or I lose the note I’ve written. I’ve had incidents recently where I thought I had an appointment on this or that day, and I double-checked the calendar at the last minute and found I remembered incorrectly. In one case, wrong day entirely. In another case, the appointment was 2 hours earlier than I thought, so I’d actually missed it.

So from now on, every morning I must check my calendar, whether I think I have something scheduled or not, and if I have something on that day I will write it on a post-it and put it on my monitor so it’s staring me in the face while I work. The office gave me a desk calendar mat I can start using next year, but my keyboard will cover it most of the time so I’m not sure how useful it will really be.

I’ve always been absent-minded but this is ridiculous. I feel like my memory has really deteriorated in the last two years and it disturbs me. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s so each time I forgot something stupid I’m like, “Is this how it starts?” It’s so damn frustrating.