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I’ve come full-circle on PNP. When I first got my color printer I worked to develop a professional technique with linen paper, etc., but recently I haven’t felt like dealing with much cut or spray, and I’ve returned to the tried-and-true method of printing on medium/light stock and penny-sleeving with playing cards. It’s much faster, as I can cut the cards in stacks rather than individual sheets, and the sleeves and cards can be recycled when I finish with the game.

I bumped my Instant Ink account up to 300 pages this month in anticipation of Tierra & Libertad, but the PNP has not been released yet and I’ve mostly been working through my want-to-try list. I’ve built 10 games this month, most are smaller card and tile games but I also built Helionox: The Last Sunset in full laminate which ended up being a significant endeavor (and is what burned me out on cutting cardsheets, unsurprisingly).