Less of All the Things, Please


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Tags Family

This past weekend was stressful. I went to the first family reunion since my cousin died. I decided I was going to make a real effort, so I made a cranberry apple tart with detailed leaves (recipe forthcoming), and it was beautiful, and then I replated it and destroyed it and got extremely upset which of course had nothing to do with the tart. Marlin was mulching the lawn and a neighbor offered to help, which was great, but our neighbor mowed over my (lovingly hand-crafted) succulent garden, which was not great and it’s difficult to tell if the plants will survive the winter. The guy has a lawn care business apparently. So now I have questions. For instance: what the hell, dude?

I had ongoing issues with my PC and software, which was frustrating. We’re hosting Thanksgiving so I’m trying to get all the things done while stockpiling enough precious introvert energy to make it through without locking myself in a closet and drinking alone in the dark.

On the plus side, Frog came over Saturday and I showed her Zombie Plague, just to see if she might be interested, and she was not only interested but impressed and we’re going to play the next time she comes over. So I will need to test the zombification deck and other things prior to that.