Syncing Joplin with pCloud


I decided to start utilizing a proper note-taking app and chose Joplin at the suggestion of I set up syncing between my tablet and PC using pCloud, which has webdav support. You will need to manually create the folders in pCloud.

Options > Synchronisation


There’s apparently a 120000 file limit on pCloud which will never affect me.

Now I’m wondering why it took me so long to stop being some weird .txt file magpie. One neat feature is you can easily toggle between a todo/checkbox item and a note. Once I finish working on something, I just change it to a checkbox and mark it off. sThe only issue currently is I had to disable 2FA on pCloud… I was not able not create a token as suggested in this thread. (“In case of 2FA one rather uses a token instead of a password. In Nextcloud I go to user security and create an app token. You will have to read up on pCloud or send them an email.”) It looks like it’s not currently possible.