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Fellow Neocitizen Snooper’s page header rekindled my interest in ANSI art. I explored BBS a while back and have always been interested in the ANSI aesthetic. I wanted to see if I could find a graphic generator that produces something a bit fancier than standard ASCII figlet generators and image-to-ASCII generators. Patorjk’s online figlet editor is one of the more interesting, see also his post on Lost ANSI art fonts. I wasn’t able to find quite what I wanted, something more like TOIlet (The Other Implementation of figLET) for Windows, but I discovered some art in the process:

Some of these sites contain .ans files. You can convert them to another format using a program like Ansilove.

A while back I looked into ANSI art for a visual novel I was working on and discovered several ANSI paint editors. The one I liked best at the time was RexPaint. Also of interest: ASCIIFlow