Between Two Blogs


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I blog pseudonymously on several subjects of interest, including video games and writing, and I have a lot of online creative tied to different pseudonyms (notably a small mountain of fanfic and indie games I’ve developed, sometimesdev.itchio only lists a handful of recent-ish apps).

I don’t yet feel comfortable linking all those names to neonaut which, while technically a pseudonym, is not sanitized and therefore should be considered potentially linked to my wallet name. I want neonaut to be a site I can share with family and friends if they are genuinely curious about what I’m up to. Once you cross streams you can never go back, and as a pathologically private person who changes their mind constantly I’ve learned I shouldn’t build online bridges I cannot expediently and completely burn.

My ultimate vision for this site is a grand unified archive. I would like to reach the point where I feel comfortable linking or mirroring everything all here. Until then, when I need to blog I sometimes find myself trying to decide the most appropriate pseud. I don’t particularly like that feeling, but it’s better than linking up my pseuds and then regretting it.

I am always amazed by people who link their fannish/creative identities to their real world identity online and have no anxiety about it. The decision to link identities is painstaking for me. I agonize over it, even when it’s just connecting two different psuedonyms.