Dice Towers (with a side of arcade papercraft)


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PNP Arcade gave away PNP files for a Desolate Dice Tower as part of their Black Friday sale.

I’ve thought about building a dice tower, and I hadn’t seen one with an arcade theme before. On a whim, I checked to see if papercraft arcade machines were a thing and… suprise (?), they are. Of course I had to investigate this further.

Mini arcades and consoles are in vogue right now, so between kits like the CupCade and the Tiny Arcade (saw a few on clearance at Target and Wal-Mart) there are prebuilt options as well.

Buuut I’m getting distracted, let’s reign it back in. What I’m really after here is a basic dice tower, preferably something cheap to build and sturdy. badgeguy’s Single-Page Dice Tower should do the trick.

I went down a rabbit hole, as usual, and discovered pachinko/plinko-style dice towers. Lots of 3D printer models online, lots of ideas for building with glass/acrylic and dowels. Another build pattern I like is allhailskippy’s Collapsable Dice Tower. It’s a shelf-style rather thank plinko but I really like the compact folding design.