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I have nearly finished up my Hugo todo list, which is amazezezing considering how often I keep adding to it. I have now formally integrated almost everything into Hugo’s taxonomy system. I can create any type of page now and if I add tags and categories it will be included in all the relevant tag/cat lists, it will have a listing in the archives, and it will be unified with the site.

On the tag bar, if there is 1 tagged post it jumps immediately to the single page. I’m pretty proud of this idea, hence galaxy brain.

The one thing I’m not able to resolve is having logical tag/category relationships. Like, having all the game tags cluster under the gaming category. Hugo doesn’t have a way to do nested tags, only weighted ones. I’d have to create tags like Gaming:Video Games or assign (and keep up with) weights for all the tags, which I don’t want to do, so it’s a pass right now.

Tag management is still the thing that keeps my homebrew system from being more or less like a CMS. I haven’t figured out ways to do things like batch tag renames, stuff like that. The site has over 100 posts now and relies heavily on tags for organization and linking, so eventually I will need to sort that out.

These past few days I keep running into MacGuyver issues with Hugo where I feel like I’m having to cobble stuff together a bit more than I should, but then I generate the site and I’m reminded why I switched over to Hugo in the first place. I’ve mostly been able to do what I wanted, and some things, like pagination, were very easy to implement. Meanwhile the build time is less than a second.