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Minnow loves stuffed animals, very much, until they fall apart, so lately I have been performing minor surgery on several of the more loved ones. I also sewed a new button on a beloved (and quite ragged) pair of shorts. These things rekindled my interest in sewing.

When I was younger I did pixel-style video game cross-stitching. I don’t necessarily want to go back to that particular craft but I think I’d like to dabble in sewing a bit and would not mind having something new to occupy my hands while I wind down at night.

I lost most of the functional buttons on my favorite coat, which I still wear even though I can only button the top remaining button. A few years ago I tried to find matching buttons and couldn’t, and tried replacing the coat and also couldn’t. Well, I’m going to mend that coat this winter, I’ve decided. I’ve begun looking for unique buttons to replace them all. They don’t have to match they just need to look cool and be the same size.

I dug out my old Athena 2000 sewing machine and it still works! Mostly. Single stitch essentially works, but there are definitely some issues with stitch length/width. I think I’d like to try my hand at a simple plush, maybe a Mario star. I have a bunch of quilting scraps I picked up at a Theater Center sale YEARS ago, I’ve carried them with me all this time. It was my intention to try sewing a crazy quilt, and I’d still like to do that, but some are large enough to use for experiments.