ESP32 & ESP8266 Gaming


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I’ve been eyeballing the ODROID-GO and the ODROID-GO Advance, which is currently OOS. They are both affordable gaming device kits. It looks like you can port Arduboy games as well. There is another ESP32-based device called the Pocket Sprite which is quite tiny.

On a whim I looked into clones. There are a few, including one that uses the TTGO T8 ESP32 WRover. The OG uses GO-Play firmware, and I see that there are other emulators for the ESP32 (NES, SNES seems iffy though Adafruit apparently has something on the Feather). Now I’m getting interested in handhelds that use MCUs.

I have an ESP8266. corax89 has made a game engine for it, which is pretty amazing. Ronen K. has documented their ESP8266 Gameboy Emulation experiments.

I am probably gonna mess with the ESP8266 for the heck of it, but I’m going to have to give the ESP32 a closer look, I think it could be a good option. I thought I fried my wretched Wemos clone but according to my notes… I did not! Apparently?? Yay! Anyway, formal blog posts forthcoming.