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I have not been very active on NeoCities lately and I haven’t been writing as much in this blog. Everything is fine, I just have a lot going on between work, a large coding commission, my projects, life, food stuff, exercising, etc., and I don’t feel like talking very much. I realized I hadn’t worked on my novel outline in howevermany days–I’m not sure how many, more on that in a moment–and I got back to it this week and put out 3k so far.

I realized I need to track outline days on my wordcount sheet so even if I’m not producing new words I can see that I have been working. The easiest way is to put a 0 in the cell, but that implies zero work, which is far from true. I’ll start highlighting the cells yellow I think.

Feeling extraordinarily melancholy at the moment, but working on the novel should help with that.