Retroarch on Android


Tags Emulation

Looking at the ODROID Go Advance made me want to give android emulation a more serious look, as the OG lacks some features I’ve grown accustomed to, like sleep. I tried android emulation a while back with my Chuwi tablet, which is too large and awkward for touch screen controls and has crappy sound.

I found my old Samsung Galaxy Phone runs Retroarch just fine and sounds much better. In portrait mode the controls are too cramped, and in landscape mode the controls partly cover the screen. Scaling the overlay doesn’t quite fix the problem. NES and SNES games played fine, though when I tried Mother 3 the sound was uneven.

I had trouble with the touch controls on platformers like Castlvania. I was able to play some of the old pinball games okay, and I think puzzle games and games that don’t require fast or precise movements would be ok. I wish I’d done this sooner, as it is infinitely better than playing Solitaire in the doctor’s office, but I don’t think the touch screen controls are gonna work for me for most games. I like the screen size and convenience a lot, though.