Stop Buying Boardgames


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I guess I killed my loot tag. Well, it’s back, wheeee~

When I was deep in my tabletop phase I went to the secondhand store quite often, sometimes even twice a week. Now I usually only stop by every month or so, but each time I’ve gone I’ve found something interesting.

Today I got a NIS Octodice for $6, which is a fantastic price for a roll ’n write I wanted to try because octopus and not necessarily because it’s a good game. I also did something I swore I’d never do and bought an expansion for a game I haven’t even played yet. They had the Level 7 Escape: Lockdown expansion for $9, unpunched. I figured it was worth taking a chance.

This brings the number of unplayed games up to 5, which is a record for sure. I got my first Kickstarter, Crystallo, in the mail the other day, and I picked up Level 7 Escape and Arctic Scavengers secondhand, and I also have Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction. I don’t know why I’m so lazy about learning new rules lately. I would like to get back into this hobby.

I normally play games at night, down in the basement in my nerd cave or whatever, but this time of year it’s c o l d down there. If I relocate my table and felt upstairs it might help. My worktable has been covered with Arduboy stuff for weeks now, cleaning that up would at least grant me some space that doesn’t have to be broken down each night.