QR Code Scavenger Hunt


I recently noticed a series of QR Code stickers on lampposts at a park. There were quite a few of them along the path, and my QR Scanner app provided a URI that appeared non-malicious, so I was keen to investigate these when I got to a reliable Internet connection.

It turns out they are part of scavenger hunt game called Munzee. These particular QRs were deployed over a year ago and only a handful of people had checked in on the app. The most recent check was 7 months ago. I’m feeling very unobservant for not noticing these little stickers sooner.

I’ve recently become interested in things like geocaching, so this was kind of interesting to me, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed the QR was just a collect ’em all on a big scavenger website and didn’t lead to some obscure little code heap like… I dunno, mine! But anyway, the person who deployed this is quite active on Munzee and has put up a lot of QR codes in my area if I ever care to go looking.

This got me interested in QR codes generally. They can store 4296 alphanumeric characters, which is a lot. I might think about these a bit.