Spring Clean Your Dirty Soul


It’s that time of year!

Prior to my trip I went on a cleaning binge. I thought about what possessions I owned that were irreplaceable (really, none outside digital files on the cloud, I lost my original wedding ring several years ago so even that has been replaced) and then removed as much evidence of my existence as was reasonably possible in two days. I think the idea was that if something happened to me, it would be easier to forget about me if it was less obvious I lived here. I was in that headspace of, “everyone would be better off without me,” and it would be easier for them if there was less of my crap lying around.

When I got back I cleaned up my devices, removing apps and consolidating/switching to new things that would work better.

Now it’s time to tackle the office, and my copious volumes of STUFF for all my hobbies. A while back I started thrifting board games to upcycle for PNP projects, but I’ve since moved away from building/repurposing boxes, preferring photo containers and bags, and I’ve moved away from custom boards as well, so those games can return whence they came.

As for my other supplies…. ugh…. I’ll figure out something.