Week One


Tags Politics

During times like these it’s important people blog, journal, keep diaries–keep contemporary accounts, essentially. My desire to blog has unfortunately dried up, but I need to put something down.

So, week one of social distancing due to Coronavirus. In spite of being introverts the social distancing has been hard, and we have a been a little stir-crazy, but we are powering through it. We’re outdoorsy anyway so we’ve been taking walks in the woods and visiting parks. My free time is generally limited to the time before Minnow wakes up in the morning, which could be a few minutes or up to two hours, and time after they go to bed. I have found being able to write fiction in the morning improves the day and if I can get out even 300 words it helps a lot. My Big Mood is PNP and playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I’ve got a small backlog of solo print-and-play games I’ll be getting through in these coming weeks.

I am very angry right now. I am angry that we have a situation that clearly demonstrates the need for socialist safety nets; that demonstrates our capitalist system is broke-ass, lopsided, and unsustainable; that shows the real BACKBONE of this country is not the coddled wealthy class but the workers; that reinforces the worker controls the means of production; and even now we have Democrats crying for socialist interventions while actively rejecting candidates with socialist ideas at the polls this very moment. The Blue party does not meet the needs of the people.

Normally I would try to avoid political rants on this journal, but the pols and the current political climate are intricately tied into this situation so it’s like trying to talk about a massive storm but not complaining about all the water that’s seeping in damaging your freaking house.