Who's In That Egg?


Tags Zines

I checked to see if Metalsnail released any new Paper Pinball tables and discovered his new project, Who’s in that Egg?, tiny virtual pet zines. It’s a collection of tiny Tamagochi-inspired zines. He suggests they could be put in Easter eggs–what a cute idea!!

I was trying to think of creative things to put in the eggs for the Easter egg hunt this year. Even if we don’t do a big family hunt we’ll still do something with Minnow. I used to put little toys in the eggs but I’d been wanting to move away from that since it’s hard to find small, inexpensive toys that aren’t junk. Minnow can’t read yet, but most of the kids can, so these tiny booklets would be fun to try. We were also thinking of bookmarks, and things like that, or even having a little Easter egg store where they trade in their eggs for prizes which would help avoid the size limit.