PNP Build: Adamastor


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Adamastor is a well-regarded solo PNP game by Orlando Sá that is sometimes compared to Robinson Crusoe. I actually printed this at the same time as Haze Islands but it took me a while to assemble it, then it took a while to finally play as the rule sheet text is so small.

The Build

This was another build I printed double-sided on 110 lb index stock and laminated. I decided to forego punching the corners because I was concerned I would cut off the edge of the iconography. When I first started laminating cards straight corners really bothered me and affected my enjoyment, but I think now that I’m more used to the feel of laminate cards it’s not as big a deal. My crop-o-dile punch is 1/4" and I would probably need a .3mm for this card design and unfortunately the punches are rather expensive so I haven’t invested in one yet. For bits, this one just needs 5 cubes and a pawn. I still haven’t found any ships so a boring old regular pawn will have to do.

The good news is the double-sided pages lined up perfectly for me so the lack of gutters is no problem. The bad news is as I mentioned before the rulebook has very small text on a colored background (D:) and there is no easy way to modify it. So I appreciate the rulebook can be folded up to cardbox size but it would have benefited from a booklet option.

The Game

Adamastor feels more like a puzzle like Snowbirds and less of an adventure like Robinson Crusoe. I like the multi-use cards and the theme but I think, like Snowbirds, it is a good game that will only see occasional play when a specific mood strikes.

The developer mentioned he’s working on a standalone expansion that is much more adventure-focused. That’s my Current Mood so I’m very interested in checking that out in the future.