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I kept putting off getting seed and soil, and now there’s a shelter-in-place order and the decision has been made for me. Which can actually be said about a number of things I kept putting off in recent days, but you can’t order soil online. The seed catalogues are somewhat backed up on shipping, which is understandable, but it means I should not delay much longer. Now having herbs will be even more useful than before.

I made a list, called a Freaking Do This Already List, and it has things like, “Do the census so the government man doesn’t come to your house and ask questions about your family,” and “order pants that do not have holes in them,” and so forth. Seed is on the list. Maybe tomorrow. I just need to draw a name out of a hat and stop agonizing over who to buy from.

I’ve classified home composting as non-trivial. I’ve built and nurtured a fairly large composting plot, approximately 3x6, and I think it’s barely big enough to keep with the approximate 1.5 qts. of compost material we produce daily. I supplement it with extra leaves and reinforce the walls every 2 days or so. I’m starting to see lots of worms, but I have to keep layering it to prevent critters and fruit flies from getting into it and spring has only just begun. Turning the pile has become a bit of work, I had to start using a bigger shovel. I don’t mind at all, I find working on it oddly meditative, but the idea that people should compost their own organics is kind if silly. It’s definitely an investment in time and space that broadly needs to be handled by the municipality.

I keep meaning to put up an online photo gallery and of course have not, but I have at least been taking a lot of pictures since recreation is largely walking around outside looking at things and I might as well document what I’m looking at. There are some monstrous wisteria vines that have taken over a bunch of trees near the lake and they look amazing. My succulents survived being mowed over by well-meaning neighbors. Tulips are coming up. I will upload my pictures by god. I will make the time for it.