DIY Face Masks


Tags Sewing


Now that we’ve reached the point where we’re starting to go out more I decided to make some face masks. We had a few disposable ones we’ve used for yard work, but they’re uncomfortable and make us look like serial killers.

I originally followed the CDC’s pattern, but found it a little stiff and uncomfortable so my next few I experimented with pleats.

I figured out how to get that little sewing machine to do a reliable straight stitch. You have to keep the tension high, so it’s easy to break the string, but I think I’ve got a groove now. Marlin asked for one made out of Dragon Fabric, so that’s next.

Looking for info on bridge strips I found mactothefuture’s DIY Face Mask with Filter Pocket and I really like the idea of using a pipe cleaner in the top seam. I also like the idea of having a pocket to put in replaceable filter medium. I also read the suggestion to use a twist tie, but the ones I have are probably too thin.