Tank Report 2


Tags Aquarium

I didn’t exactly plan on stocking the tank today, but I needed to go to the store for dechlorinator and I decided to go ahead and get everything we need which of course includes the actual fish. Unfortunately, of the two big pet stores that are currently open, 1 had zero stock and the other’s goldfish tanks had only a few ill and obviously dying fish. There is a small aquarium shop on this side of town, but they don’t stock goldfish and the other shops are tropical. I looked online and unsurprisingly shipping is a lot, anywhere from $30 to $50. So no fish yet.

The fish store originally sold me a Marineland Emperor 400 filter, but it is HUGE so I ended up downgrading to a Penguin 350. It’s worth noting the 350 also costs about $50 less online, it’s $25 which is really economic. I filtered about 75 pounds of pool filter sand twice for the substrate. It was still pretty cloudy when I put it in the tank, but once I hooked up the filter the water was crystal clear in less than a day. Let’s see if it stays that way!

For decor, which is a bit sparse at the moment, we found some interesting creek rocks and boiled them thoroughly. I found some of what I think is crypt at the local lake. I cleaned it, did a mild bleach dip, and let it sit over several days in two separate batches of tap water. So it’s probably “fine” but I guess we’ll find out. I’ve been treating the tank with Seachem tank stabilizer for the past four days so there is an established biofilter.

I found a great piece of driftwood about a week ago. Unfortunately it’s a bit large, so even after it’s properly waterlogged so it will sink I may not incorporate it, but I have a feeling that will be a few months away.