Thrift Report 7


Tags Legos

minecraft: the cave When I saw a Lego Minecraft logo on a box at the thrift store I got excited. Slightly less excited when I saw it was #21113 The Cave, the same kit I found on a previous visit. It was missing the minis and a few parts, but had the Spider and Lego Brand blocks are always worth a few bucks.

![mini plasma globe](/microblog/images/2020-07-30-thrift-report-7-4825489c.png)

I also found a mini plasma globe for $4. I picked it up mostly for nostalgia, there was a period in my youth where these things were the rage and I recall seeing a really big one at either a museum or some kind of science learning center. This is an older one with a big ol' AC adapter, more modern globes have USB connections. It had a "sound" setting in which the globe is only triggered by loud noise, which might be cool if you play loud music. Minnow was entertained by it for about two minutes so I will probably set it up in my office.