Still PNPin


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I have been PNPing, though I haven’t been doing a very good job of blogging about it. My last BGG blog post about Maverick was in July. Since then I’ve built at least 20 games, maybe more because I keep forgetting to update my spreadsheet. The current total is 132.

Barbarian Vince

It’s a good mixture of old and new releases. I built Why I Otter for Minnow and we’ve played it a fair bit, the other favorites are Skulls of Sedlec, Bandada, and Puzzle Dungeon, of which the deluxe edition is now my second official Kickstarter Project. I’ve also played a lot of Food Chain Island as something quick and low-crunch. Almost all of my plays have been relatively short card games as that has been what I’ve mostly been in the mood for. I also finally got around to building Pandemic: Hot Zone North America, and I like it quite a bit for solo Pandemic. The vanilla game is too long but Hot Zone NA is just right.

My “bin of shame” is Barbarian Vince, Abstract Network, Banned Books, and Malacca. I just have not been in the mood to learn rules or be a barbarian apparently.

PNP Arcade had a Black Friday sale so I scooped up anything that had caught passing interest that I hadn’t yet acquired. Now that Minnow is getting more interested in games I am able to expand my criteria from solo games to two and three player games, which really opens up the field. I may have even rebought a few things I already had but that’s fine. I have so many files now I had to migrate my PNP folder to my terabyte backup drive and I sometimes delete files, so double-dipping is bound to happen.

So today’s new build was An Otter Won, which I thought was an expansion for Why I Otter but is in a fact a new game, and the catchup build was Turbo Drift, which has languished on my passing interest list for quite some time.

The nice big tub I bought for PNP games is now officially full and my play log has been languishing a bit so I guess it’s time to go on another, “Shall we keep this?” binge to see if things should be added to the trade pile. I have actually had interest my PNP trades so it’s worth keeping up the list even if I don’t really want much in exchange.