Exploring NeoCities

Lately, whenever I need to take a few minutes to veg out I will dig around NeoCities looking for interesting sites. I learned the hard way that websites > old is a pretty thankless method. The activity feed is good, but there are still plenty of interesting sites that are sleeping or haven't been updated in a while.

Websites > random is slightly better, it usually brings up a mix of old and somewhat recently active sites so there are far less Welcome to my Website! blank templates.

I've been messing around with ideas for making a NeoCities travel guide that doesn't overlap with @districts and @neo-neighborhoods. It quickly became apparent I need some sort of critera. Roughly:

Then there's the matter of organizing it. I don't want to use a neighborhoods or district format like the forementioned directories. Static categories lack fluidity. So I'm experimenting with ctrl-f #tag concepts.

For aesthetics, I want to de-emphasize buttons when possible, because NeoCities 88x31 button culture has led to sites without buttons getting less links, but I want to try to give each website it's own little "plot" so to speak--something more visually informative than a basic hypertext link and description. I'm taking some inspiration from webgardens.

Anyway, that's where it's at.