Glass Dip Pens

I decided to try out a few glass dip pens as a way to easily swatch and use a lot of different inks without having to keep so many pens inked. I tried to order a Majohn N10 a few months ago but the order was cancelled. I finally got around to ordering a Majohn Starry Sky (fine) and a Majohn Blue Swirl Capped Dip Pen (medium) from Jetpens.

Dip Pens

I'm pleasantly surprised by both pens. They write fairly smoothly. The ink load is variable but that's something I'll have to practice with. The traditional pen can hold more ink, and the F nib means you could potentially for a while without dipping.

I really love the look of the capped pen, and of course, the cap means it can be handled like a normal pen and is less likely to break. The point is shorter, so it holds less ink. This particular nib is uneven, one side is slightly smoother than the other.

I've done a lot of samples to see how well and far the pens write on a single dip. I noticed some inks definitely work better with glass than others (Diamine Writer's Blood is really wet and runs out quickly, for example). Shimmer is more evident, sheen is okay, but I think shading is showed off best with a standard nib.

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3