Goodbye Atom, Hello Notepad++

A while back Atom announced they were sunsetting on 12/15/22, but I was out of the loop and didn't realize this was happening until 12/14/22. Prior to Atom I coded using Notepad++ and I still occasionally use it, so I decided to see if I could replicate my Atom environment in it and switch back to using NPP full time.

Plugins & Settings

Emoji Picker

I wasn't able to find a plugin like Atom's autocomplete-emoji plugin, which I updated to accomodate my beloved Mutant Standard emojis. Then I remembered... gasp I built an emoji picker already! (emoji.get astonishedhand over mouth) Anyway I updated my index to include the filename for pseudo searches. I decided lunr.js was too robust for my needs (read: couldn't figure out how to use it mild panic) and realized what I actually needed was basic HTML element filtering. I hacked together good-enough-for-me Javascript list filtering based on W3's Filter/Search List tutorial. Now I can filter with a search bar and click the button to get the image tag. Witness the sweet jams of my labors.