Google Drive Spam Handily Demonstrates

I decided I needed a flaming rant theme for when I go completely off the handle. This is incohereant and I don't care.

The problem with being an old Gmail adopter (I got my address in beta) is that multiple people somehow believe my email address is theirs and sign me up for all kinds of stuff. It’s gone on for years and as far as I can tell all of them are computer illiterate so they will never be educated. They are responsible for increasingly large volumes of spam I have to wrangle and this is my life until I finally cave and ditch the wallet name email address I've had for OH I don't KNOW 20 years?

I’ve been able to keep most of it at bay thanks to Thunderbird’s excellent spam filter, but I recently fell victim to Google Drive Spam as well. Spammers began sharing pornographic files with me through Google Drive, resulting in phone notifications that sexy hot local girls wanted to bang me. vomiting This is astonishingly invasive, and while Google finally (in 2021!) offered the option to block individuals from sharing, Google does not provide an option to disable file sharing on Google Drive or limit file sharing to trusted users.

It is 2022, Google Drive porn spam has been a problem for years, and this is insane. It’s also yet another example of how Google actually doesn’t care about the user experience at all. The only reason I even get Google notifications is because my phone requires a Google account. I disabled the notifications. I look forward to the day I forget Google Drive is a total PITA, have to use it for some reason, and get bombarded by porn.