Spring Tyme!
Time to fix this broken site!

It’s that time of year! Time for me to start losing my mind!

As is customary, I became possessed by the cleaning spirit. I always accept the spontaneous need to intensely de-clutter, so I did that. I pondered how so many new objects made their way into my home, concluded they walked right in on their own uninvited, and also lamented the true reality of consumption: everything we produce will eventually end up in a landfill, and recycling, resale, and reuse only prolongs the inevitable. But that is another post for another time.

As usual, the cleansing of the meatspace eventually made its way to the hallowed halls of the grand Neonauticon, and a great shuffling of bytes commenced. Having the old Hugo tagged entries on the same page as Ctrl+F entries gives me mental hives, so I redesigned the microblog for 2022 onward.

I always knew deep down I couldn’t truly leave my old Hugo design behind until I FIXED EVERYTHING I BROKE which is just ugh angry_steam but a timely email from local grocer spurred me to action, so I dutifully entered my castle and began searching for the meat_on_bone meat meat_drumstick in the walls.

To be fair, all of some of a teeny tiny itty bit this much promise of the formatting mess is the result of bad habits. Pasting rows of urls without properly marking them as a list. Manually centering images. (For shame, neonaut.) Not identifying code blocks. Config conflicts.

To be fair to Hugo, all of this stuff is honestly A Webmaster Problem and not a generator problem, but the process only reaffirmed my decision to move away from Hugo. Coding pages by hand is a more work in the short-term, but the tradeoff is 100% control over the output and my site won’t unexpectedly break when I upgrade something. Isolating pages and not having elements like navbars, which are redundancies that require upkeep, gives the pages a capsule-like longevity. Also it preserves my current style and aesthetic, good or bad. A lot of people understandably don't want a Frankie Frankenstein site, but I do!

To formally mark the end of that era, I have officially migrated to Microblog 2.0 (better name forthcoming, I hope). I briefly considered naming it Meatblog , but uh… that’s taken. Also, it's not exclusively about meatspace activities. Then again, the microblog is the meat of the site... hmmm.