Perler Beads

It's been a while! Just a quick post, trying to get back into the swing of things.

Years ago, Marlin picked up a perler bead kit for Minnow and we kinda got into it as a form of parallel play. I find it oddly relaxing and more interesting than jigsaw puzzles or similar piece-setting activities. Perler beads map easily to video game sprites. I used to cross stitch video games sprites years ago, and this is easier and more fun for me. Minnow has created several of their own designs and has a broader range of interests (they briefly got into flags for a while).

I realized I should start documenting more of this type of stuff, for future!Minnow, so here mine and theirs respectively:

Perler Bead Collection Perler Bead Collection

Sprites are fun, but I've kinda tapped my interest in that area. Until now we've just cruised for perler images on DuckDuckGo image search or vomiting Pinterest (sorry), but I recently discovered Kandipad, which has a ton of user-submitted patterns.

I've been thinking on and off about documenting more of Minnow's crafts and projects, and I came across haltakov's Simple Photo Gallery. It doesn't get simpler than that. The bottleneck is getting the photos from my phone to my PC, which I usually do manually. People suggest Google Photos! Yeah, no. Have we not learned our lesson about big google gone yet? I ought to be able to use something like KDEconnect to transfer stuff from one to the other.