Neocities is way more annoying to use than it should be.

Hi! <3

I love Neocities, now I will complain about it to you!

I'm sitting on a pretty large site update that changes directory structure. So I need to delete a lot of files. The current dashboard only allows me to delete one file at a time. I cannot delete folders until I individually delete every file in the folder.

Blogs are conventionally organized with year/month/day folders. This is not a problem that will be unique to me.

Regarding The Neocities command line tools are a Ruby gem. Attempting to install this in Windows, today, results in a SSL certificate error I have gotten for as long as I can remember.

Patrick made some Windows CLI tools a few years ago. Do they work? Hell if I know, I think they did but they've vanished into the void.

I traditionally use a Python script to upload my site. I wrote it howeverlong ago, I can't rememeber, so I will end up using that as some basis for this task. However. I DONT FEEL LIKE DOING THAT RIGHT NOW AND ALso

I have an amazing theory.

Neocities would be a lot easier to use, and would in turn be used more, if we had better tools. Is it my job to make the tools? I dunno, I'm just some asshole who can't figure out a decent way to delete their crappy website in 5 seconds, you decide my friend!

Thanks for listening, stay safe babies.