Hello World


Tags Neocities

This Jekyll site is my first project on GitHub. When I attempted to set up a local version I learned Jekyll isn’t compatible with Windows. Fortunately, @juthilo’s guide walked me through it. The git-plus package allows me to push updates through Atom, which is currently my text editor of choice.

I set up the basic templates and styling without trouble. The only sticking point so far is Jekyll doesn’t have category or collection pagination. There are plugins, but GitHub Pages does not support foreign plugins. For now, tagging will need to be sufficient for organization.

After about 40 stylesheet changes I realized GitHub’s tracking history was noting every shuffled pixel and typo correction. I spent several hours looking for a way to remove the history but no luck.

I’m still trying to find my way around Git. As with many things in life, simply pushing isn’t sufficient; one must also commit. So it goes.