Dalí: The Game


Tags Video Games

I finished the Dalí biography I’ve been reading off and on over the past few weeks. Dalí’s technical skill was incredible. He was interested in all kinds of creative mediums and developing technologies and produced works ranging from fabric, clothes, jewelry, and furniture to holograms. I was thinking what it would have been like if modern game technology had been available to him. He would have loved it. There is no doubt in my mind he would have made a first-person surrealist exploratory game.

Dalí openly encouraged reproductions and was skeptical of the need for the artist’s direct touch in paintings and prints, saying, “I always encourage people to reproduce my paintings because I find the reproductions much better than the originals.”

I think Dalí: The Game would have his enthusiastic blessing.

Update: Just discovered The Tender Cut and SURREALISTa: Tribute to Giorgio de Chirico