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A lot of fiddling later, I’ve been able to streamline the site considerably. Hugo was originally generating over 300 files, but I disabled & uglified & minimized.

An issue with uglified urls, however, is that Hugo will generate the tags page as /tags.html rather than /tags/index.html. There is some discussion of this issue, I found creating the following does the trick:

url: "/tags/index.html"
title: Tags

Though Hugo still generates /tags.html. There are actually 3 taxonomy pages Hugo generates I couldn’t figure out how to disable, but it’s so few I can exclude them in my upload script if needed.

I was able to streamline image management considerably, at least for pngs and jpgs without EXIF data. One issue I’m still sorting out is the easiest way to get photos from my phone. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will likely need to run a batch tool to strip EXIF data from photos. Since I will probably only upload the site every week (or few) this isn’t a big deal either.

I’ve delayed uploading the site because I need to delete the whole blog and reupload, and Neocities upload dash is intentionally limited in a way that is annoying for this. Instead of being able to delete the folder like a reasonable person, I have to sit down and look at the upload script I wrote howevermany months/years ago and figure out how to write a script to delete the blog folder and everything in it so I don’t have to sit there and manually click through every subfolder to delete the contents, then change directory level to delete the folder itself. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s enough of a nuisance I haven’t done it yet.