The Everdeck


Tags Tabletop Games

I’m interested in extended card decks and playing card systems. I have been watching the development of the Everdeck for a while now. It’s an extended deck equivalent to two standard decks, a Tarot deck, and a Hanafuda deck with a beautiful minimalist design that maps to at least 30 games or systems. I had been thinking of designing my own extended deck with additional suits or printing the Singularity deck, but when I saw how close the Everdeck was to publication I decided to wait for it instead.

Now that I’m burnt out on building my own cards I really can’t imagine constructing a deck this size at home. I think my materials costs end up being around $5 plus the cost of sealant (half can? whole can? no idea, a can is about $5) and labor assembling and cutting at least 14 sheets. I’ve never ordered through a POD service like DriveThruCards before so I’ll have to dig around in their catalogue and see if there are any other interesting things to pick up.