Not Resolutions


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I overindulged last night (actually not, my body is WEAK but that’s another matter) so I’m not feeling too hot today but that has motivated me somewhat so I guess I’ll take it.

When I was younger I crafted big lists of New Year’s Resolutions that were essentially glorified wishlists that of course never came to pass. I stopped doing formal resolutions a few years ago when I realized it didn’t matter. But December 26th actually presents a decent starting point for a few things I want to work on.

First, my digestive health is driving me crazy. Back in the day, I exercised regularly and ate reasonably well and everything was fine. This year that has all gone to hell for some reason. I got into a weird trap of adding X supplement or removing Y item without any sort of discipline and that somehow made matters worse. I decided to drop all that stuff and revert back to my usual diet, which isn’t super healthy but is by no means terrible. After I get past the holiday eating obligations, I’m going to keep a food diary (which I HATE but here we are) and begin having disciplined add/remove of various items (probably starting with dairy elimination, then caffeine reduction, and so on) until I reach a place where I don’t feel gross all the time.

Second, I am going to aggressively sell the board games I don’t play. The thing I learned after getting into the hobby is consumer shipping charges being what they are, I will be taking a hit on the games I want to sell. I had this weird idea I would somehow break even on these games, but I’ve accepted reality, I just need them off my shelves and $5 is better than nothing.

Third… I’m sure there’s a third but I’m too grumpy right now.