Snow Day


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We don’t get much snow around here and yesterday was the perfect snow day for us. We got about four inches of picturesque, fluffy snow in the morning. The snow was not heavy enough to break branches and by afternoon it had completely melted from the roads. That morning I went on a long walk and got some pictures of the forest and lake, and a creek I normally run by. I keep putting off setting up a static photo album of nature pictures, that will be my next web task.

Minnow last saw decent snowfall when they were 2 I think, and they didn’t know what the heck was going on and basically hated it (granted, they hated everything at that age), so I was glad they got to see a good snowfall at age 5 when they are old enough to play in it and see what it’s like. We (by which I mean Marlin and I) built a couple of snowpeople and Minnow knocked them down, I threw some snowballs which Minnow did not appreciate, and then I mixed up some snow and juice for a snowcone which evidently went over well. It was a productive morning.

Much of the city shut down for the day, as it does, so that derailed the day’s plans. I was hoping to adopt a cat from the shelter. Things keep coming up, so this keeps getting pushed back.