PNP Build: Snowbirds + Expansions


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Snowbirds - my last solo game was a loss

Snowbirds is a 2017 Solitaire PNP Contest game that often comes up on best PNP lists. It’s a hand-management puzzle wherein you try to forage and conserve your flock’s energy so they can make it to the South for winter. I really like the theme. The base game was okay, interesting for a play or two every now and then but it didn’t grab me. I decided to go ahead and build the two expansions as well. The Sunset Skies is a 2-player expansion that is noteworthy for solo players in that it doubles the map deck and adds a lot of variability to the base game. The Storms expansion adds optional weather challenges for extra points endgame.

It’s a very easy build, and you could easily substitute cubes for the tokens, but all the rulebooks come in odd 3-column formats that clash with my booklet-loving sensibilities.