Snails <3


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Years ago when I had aquariums I kept an aquarium full of apple snails. They grew quite large and I enjoyed them. I picked up a little nerite snail last week to help with algae cleanup and of course fell in love with it, so this week I took Minnow to get a “mystery snail” which was labelled pomacea bridgesii. Minnow did a good job picking the largest with the strongest shell without my prompting at all. This bridgesii but it reminds me a little of the pomacea canaliculatas I used to keep, but seems much more shy.

Anyway, I LOVE IT so much. I’ve only had it in the tank a few days and its still a bit shy, but so far so good. I realized there might be some trace medication in the tank so I put in some charcoal in the filter today but the nerite has been fine so I doubt there’s an issue. Apple snails and mystery snails have a significant bioload so I probably wouldn’t want to get any more unless I had another tank setup somewhere I could move them if needed.

The fish store also had a good sized rabbit snail, which was a pleasant surprise, but I held off because I hadn’t properly researched the species. I think it probably needs warmer water than what I’m keeping but I will look into it.