Consumption Doldrums



I’ve been in a mood the past week or so where I have a hard time getting into any of the things I usually enjoy. On the creative side, everything is going quite well and I’m writing daily, but when it comes time to wind down and let my brain rest and be a bit consumptive nothing really holds my interest.

I caught myself revisiting media, TV and video games previously seen/beaten, which is something I rarely do. I think I’m remembering enjoying those things and I’m chasing the feeling. I decided to make a concerted effort NOT to do that because there’s too many new things to explore.

In the past I wrote about how, if you lose interest in things you normally enjoy, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve outgrown your hobbies because it’s probably The Depression

Keeping that in mind, I’ve been making a point of trying some type of new media each day, be it catching up on shows I didn’t finish, trying out games on GamePass, looking through my indie bundle, or (trying) to read books on my e-reader or shelves.

I wish I could say it’s working. I’m not sure it is, but making an effort feels oddly productive so there’s that.